10-50 Sheets A4 Paper Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

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10-50 Sheets A4 Paper Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper
10-50 Sheets A4 Paper Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper




  • Model Number: A4
  • Origin: Mainland China

Condition:100% New.
Package: 10/20/30/50PCS.·
Main uses: mainly used for non-cotton light color clothes (Chemical fiber, polyester, T-shirt fabric), coated cups and plates, hats, metal, glass, stone painting, wood, keychain, cosmetic mirror, puzzle and other items… No touching feeling, the color of transfer is bright, good color rendition.
How to use: printing patterns on a sticky side. After the pattern has been printed, be sure to wait it to dry before you transfer printing.( dry it with heat press machine or a hair dryer or naturally under sunlight which is time-consuming)
Methods of distinguishing front from back:
1.dip your hands with water, hands slightly wet, and then pinch both sides of the paper with your hand. The sticky side is the print surface;
2.take out the paper, print the front and the back sides, the clearer side of the pattern is the print surface.
3.the simplest way to distinguish between the right and the wrong sides of the paper: the rough surface is the print surface, and the smooth surface is the back surface. The paper surface has layer, so the paper will slightly crimp when preheating, back bends to put it in print before printing, bend the back paper before printing. Slow drying sublimation paper requires layers of paper to block ink and direct touch with the paper (prevent ink from being absorbed by paper) to make the ink of the paper fully transferred to the item you print, and the color will be brighter than other papers. Good quality of paper is key to great transfer effects.
* Special notes:
due to sublimation paper is slow, the surface has a layer of special coating, resulting in ink cannot quickly be absorbed, the transfer color is brighter than normal inkjet papers, the transfer rate is more completely. But at the same time, it will lead to gear marks when printing, the larger number, the more deeply of gear marks, the general solution is to use a swab with alcohol to clean gear, or when the print on the feeder head that can ease the gear India, but can not be eradicated. Or blowing a cold wind at the paper feeder head that can ease the gear India, but can not be eradicated which can ease the gear India, but can not eradicated it.
If you are just beginning to use sublimation paper, please note that these are characteristics of sublimation paper, not quality problems. Therefore, please bear the cost of shipping of returning goods.
Tip: paper has coating layer, it will roll when heating, please put in a cool place to save, if you find a little roll before printing, please roll the paper back, and then put in print.

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Specification: 10-50 Sheets A4 Paper Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper


10 Sheets, 20 Sheets, 30 Sheets, 50 Sheets

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